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how fucking dare you you dont have the right to talk about nash that way. your a fucking ugly bitch who has no life and just sits around critisizing people. nash is one of the most genuine nice people i have ever met so just stop hating on him that makes you a bad person so

I’m just gonna sit in the corner with my sanity while you rock back and forth hysterically crying over one of Nash’s selfies.

At least I have the guts to share my opinion about someone publicly and not anonymously.



Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about having Tumblr. I really don’t get it and it’s not something I really like using. What do you guys think? :/

honestly some tumblr useres have arm hair,i dont want you to feel uncomfortable here :/


My math teacher called me average.

How mean.



gordon ramsay’s confused face is the cutest thing on earth


look at him


hes like a little baby boy

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tumblr sure ain’t fucking around

im so proud 

Hell yeah! He’s such a racist dick!

Yes, I understand Nash has done some unforgivable and inexcusable things in the past. Yes, Nash had made many mistakes while in the process of growing up. Yes, Nash is not a perfect human being, but aren’t we all?

Nash has said some stuff which was highly unnecessary, yes I agree, but you need to take into consideration that at that age he did not realize the developing audience he had. I know that still doesn’t make it okay but at least this boy has the decency to apologize for his past mistakes, some of which were 2 years ago.

 Nash is a teenage boy, if he is so irrelevant to you why do you still get butt hurt over what he says? If he is of no relevance of your life why do you all of a sudden give a shit about him and cry like a little bitch when he says something wrong. Don’t like him don’t pay attention to him, it’ll go away. You’re not helping of letting the situation go and diffusing it, instead you’re making it a bigger problem than it should be. You’re blowing it way out of proportion.

I know that if I was Nash I would find it so hard to deal with the amount of shit he gets for the mistakes he has made in the past. Imagine every tiny mistake you made was blown out of proportion and you received hate for it every waking day of your life because LOTS of people do not have the decency to get the fuck over it. I’m pretty sure I would be beyond crazy. Nash is a human he makes mistakes, some pretty stupid ones, but still mistakes. Don’t we all, but the only difference between us and people like Nash is that every mistake they make is out for the public to see and judge and constantly bash him on. For us, we’re lucky in the sense that our mistakes are not publicized, but imagine if they were. I’m 101% sure you wouldn’t be able to deal with that much hate and pressure.

Lastly I would like to state that you’re not any better than Nash. You’re proud of constantly sending hate to an individual? You’re proud of taking time out of your day to just try and ruin another persons day? You’re proud of all that? You think you’re helping out or being the better person here but you’re not. You’re just as bad as people who send anon hate, you’re just as bad as Nash. You’re no fucking saint either. 

Good motherfucking day.

Why do people think it’s okay to say that to someone? Nash is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

if u send hate to nash or any of the boys. FUCK OFF.

Whoever still hates on Nash Grier, sorry to tell you this. But your opinion on him is now irrelevant as fuck. Have a nice day.

This really bothers me because these girls don’t really have a reason to look up to him or idolize him the way they do other than the fact that they think he’s attractive. I for one do not find him attractive at all, and think that anyone who makes racist/sexist/homophobic jokes or jokes that put down or insult a certain group of people is a bad person. He seems to be too ignorant to realize that as an (unfortunately) prominent person in social media, he has a lot of control over the opinions of his younger fans. He is teaching them that it is okay to use offensive slurs and that you will be forgiven even if you make the same mistake over and over. His continued use of words like “fag” and other offensive terms shows that, no, he has not grown over the course of two years. Most people at this point in their life (he is the same age as me) should be able to acknowledge the fact that they have made mistakes (he has done so), and stop making the mistakes. But he hasn’t stopped making the same mistakes over and over. This has really broadcasted his immaturity and blatant stupidity.

Another thing i’d like to say to the girls who have met him:

You don’t know him

He doesn’t know you

He doesn’t remember you

Even if you meet him multiple times, you don’t know what he is really like so you cant say he is a nice person. Just because he called you pretty or said that he loves you, doesn’t mean that he is a nice person or actually loves you. He is someone who knows how to manipulate the minds of self-conscious tweens, adolescents, and some adults (which is pretty fucked up if you are an adult fan considering he’s like sixteen).

And anyone who is so upfront about their hatred towards a group of people who haven’t done a thing wrong deserves to get hate. I don’t care if he sees this and i hurt his non-existent and completely unimportant feelings, because by using offensive words and broadcasting it to millions of people, he is hurting a lot more than he is worth.

So don’t tell me to fuck off for disliking someone who is so fucking stupid. He needs to grow the fuck up.

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I really hate Nash Grier. Please stay 57447785358 feet away from me if you ‘idolise’ him. Thank you

So far I’ve lost 12 followers and gotten 8 messages from angry girls because of this post.




Literally I Cant Ew

i will watch this until my eyes bleed

The shortest answer is doing the thing.

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